Concrete Inspection Equipment from Allied Associates

Concrete Inspection Equipment for sale or hire.

Allied Associates have a range of concrete inspection equipment and devices both for sale and to rent. Concrete testing equipment comes in a variety of sized machines, including handheld, depending on the size of the concrete that needs testing.

Concrete may need to be tested when fresh, hardened or in situ to check they comply with specifications and relevant standards. We have a comprehensive range of concrete testing equipment to meet the international standards  required.

Concrete can be reinforced with a material such as steel to make it suitable for large structures. Lightweight, low-strength concrete has great thermal properties and can be used in screed for instance. Whatever the type of concrete you need testing we have the right machine for it.

Allied Associates supplies a variety of concrete testing equipment designed to test a range of types of concrete to make sure they meet the requirements of the specific task. We both sell and rent concrete inspection equipment to suit your needs.

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